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NASA, ESA and Jena-Optronik

A space cooperation for exploring the cosmos

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30 years Jena-Optronik: Tradition and future



As science fiction became reality… 36.000 km above Earth

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ASTROgyro builds a market with attitude

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30 years Jena-Optronik


Space(wo)men wanted

From Jena to Mars.


Welcome to Jena-Optronik

For decades now we’ve been successfully making leading-edge space missions possible "out of space for our world"

As a space company we make an important contribution, to detect and better understand the challenges our planet is facing. Various applications within the field of satellite communication, navigation and Earth observation improve our daily life.

We’re proud to count the world’s leading space companies and agencies among our clients. They rely on innovations made by Jena-Optronik.

As vast as the universe is, there is no space for inaccuracy: sensors by Jena-Optronik keep satellites and spacecrafts stable and on track.  Visionary technology in the truest sense of the word: our space optics & electronics help to generate crucial Earth observation data, helping to improve the quality of life.

What challenges in space are you facing? We are happy to help you reach your goal. And to give you what we stood for the past years: space for success.

Contact Person

"Space is not only fascinating but also an essential part of our modern life. A day without space is not possible – and technology “made in Jena” is always a part of it."

Peter Kapell

+49 3641 200-110

Long-term partnership: sensors from Jena again on its way to the ISS

Jena-Optronik GmbH signs first long-term agreement for rendezvous and docking sensors with Sierra Space, a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC).

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Space camera from Jena on the hunt for asteroids

Jena-Optronik GmbH is delivering a new camera system to the prime contractor OHB System AG for the HERA mission.

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As we are turning 30 years, we a delighted to give you insights on our history as well as future missions with space technology made by Jena-Optronik.

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Space optics: Our contributions to Sentinel-4

The ESA Sentinel-4 mission is part of the European Commission Copernicus Programme for monitoring the Earth. We develop and build the core main optics of the Sentinel-4/Ultra-violet/Visible/Near- Infrared (UVN) instrument, which comprises a telescope, a UV-VIS spectrometer and a NIR spectrometer.

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Space photography

Apollo astronauts as photographers: stunning pictures of our blue marble, the moon and astronauts' lifes 

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Space: It’s all around us

Space inspires us all and creates a wealth of knowledge

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  • September 18-22, 2022
    International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022), Paris, France
  • June 22-26, 2022
    ILA, Berlin, Germany