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The ASTRO CL (short for constellation) from Jena-Optronik has been designed to fit the needs of LEO constellation spacecraft.

The sensor has a medium accuracy performance, is compact, light weight, is made for high recurrent production rates and comes with a competitive price.

The system-on-chip (SoC) approach in the development of the ASTRO-CL star sensor enabled the implementation of a robust star sensor, which, thanks to its highly integrated design, is extremely light and has a small installation space. By reducing the sensor design to just six assembly parts and five active electronic components, volume production is made possible at a very attractive price.

With its technical performance and service life of 18 years (GEO), the ASTRO CL sets new standards in the field of star sensors for constellations and small satellites.

The low energy consumption facilitates system integration, especially for small satellites. The modular design of the ASTRO-CL also allows the sensor to be easily adapted to mission-specific customer requirements.

It is particularly designed for typical life times of small constellation spacecraft in LEO radiation environment.

Little big star (tracker)

Maxar taps Jena-Optronik for the ASTRO CL star tracker for new proliferated low-Earth orbit (LEO) platform.

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Spaceship Orion with sensors from Jena on its way to the Moon

As part of the NASA mission Artemis I, the spaceship Orion was successfully launched into space on November 16th 2022  and is headed to orbit the Moon. It is equipped with two star sensors from the successful Thuringian space company Jena-Optronik GmbH. Starting with follow-up mission Artemis III, the Jena-based company will also supply two additional rendezvous and docking sensors per mission.

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As we are turning 30 years, we a delighted to give you insights on our history as well as future missions with space technology made by Jena-Optronik.

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Space optics: Our contributions to Sentinel-4

The ESA Sentinel-4 mission is part of the European Commission Copernicus Programme for monitoring the Earth. We develop and build the core main optics of the Sentinel-4/Ultra-violet/Visible/Near- Infrared (UVN) instrument, which comprises a telescope, a UV-VIS spectrometer and a NIR spectrometer.

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Space photography

Apollo astronauts as photographers: stunning pictures of our blue marble, the moon and astronauts' lifes 

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Space: It’s all around us

Space inspires us all and creates a wealth of knowledge

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