Jena-Optronik goes ESA 4S Symposium

For the first time, Jena-Optronik will exhibit at this year’s ESA 4S Symposium in Palma de Mallorca, Spain from 27th to 31st May 2024. Our #teamspace will bring its ASTRO CL, the “best in class” star tracker along with a new live-demo setup, which provides a significantly improved experience for interested visitors and customers.


Moreover, do not miss out the poster presentation on the robustness and performance of the ASTRO CL, which will be given in the frame of the Poster & Product exhibition on Tuesday evening.


ASTRO© CL, the smart gyroless solution


Our engineers have taken advantage of the results from the already performed ASTRO© APS3 qualification tests and have transferred some of the enhanced features to the ASTRO© CL.


These upgrades allow to further extend the maximum supported slew rate for lost-in-space acquisition to beyond 4 deg/s (cross-boresight, random orientation) without the need for a-priori information or supporting gyro data with better 99.9% coverage of the celestial sphere.


Further tests have shown that tracking can be maintained up to 8 deg/s in the same configuration. The outstanding performance makes the ASTRO CL very well suited for cost-saving gyroless systems. This smart functionality is already available for all of our customers.


ASTRO© CL, integrated with fully radiation hard components


The combination of the spaceborne FaintStar2 image detector with fully radiation hard active EEE-parts guarantees highest availability of the star tracker without latch-ups or the need for scheduled periodic re-boot.


ASTRO© CL, leading star tracker for non-commercial small satellites


Besides the large number of commercial customers, Jena-Optronik quickly became a leading supplier for non-commercial small satellite applications since the market introduction of the ASTRO© CL. After an impressive production ramp-up in 2023, we aim to deliver ASTRO CL serial number 500 to our customers already by the end of this year.


Thanks to the standardized product approach, we can offer our customers the fully radiation-proof ASTRO CL with short lead-times and at an attractive price – similar to commercial parts grade star trackers on the market.


Please reach out to for further details and a live demonstration!


Picture: Coverage Test Results detailing 100% Acquisition Success @ 4deg/s for 10.000 tested lines-of-sight © Jena-Optronik GmbH

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